With Peter Marco, you can expect nothing short of perfection.

 And when it comes to Peter Marco diamonds, you are guaranteed certifiable excellence. As the most desired gemstones in the world, diamonds epitomize strength and endurance in nature—appropriately fitting as they represent the universal symbol of love.

Peter Marco’s tremendous in-house inventory contains diamonds of all shapes and sizes, with an expert staff readily able to pull pieces per a client’s personal taste. Each client that steps through the Peter Marco doors is greeted with an expert team member who will help determine the best diamond shape depending on the length of the client’s finger or size of their hand. Once a client selects their favorite shape, there are multitudes of differentiating factors that go into the perfect diamond, far beyond the 4Cs.


Beyond the 4Cs and diamond grade, there are between 5 to 8 extenuating factors that help discern the value of a stone. At Peter Maarco, each client is educated on every factor that the GIA identifies as comparable features for diamond evaluation.

Fluorescence identifies the strength of a diamond’s coloring. The five grades of fluorescence range from none, to faint, to slight, to medium, to strong. The tint of the diamond can also range between blue, hazy, and milky, with lower colors appearing whiter and therefore more desirable to many.

PETER’S ADVICe - As they say, “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.” Some clients prefer fluorescence while others do not, simply as a result of individual taste.

Depth measures the proportion of a gemstone. Based on the GIA’s standards, the “table” refers to the flat top of the diamond; there are percentages of table that constitute as ideally cut diamonds, ranging from a 57 table to 62 table in depth proportion.

PETER’S ADVICe - Remember this joke: two men walk into a store both weighing 200 pounds. One is strong, lean and built while the other is round. Each man carries his weight differently, yet the two appear equal in accordance with a simple scale. This same logic applies to diamonds— all stones disperse proportion differently. You do not want a diamond that is too shallow, and yet you do not want one that is too deep. 

The date of GIA certification is valuable for a stone’s quality. Peter Marco prefers newer stones with recent certification dates as technology and standards only get better and stricter with time.

PETER’S ADVICe - The newer the diamond, the higher the excellence.

Light reflection is an important characteristic to consider. Certain stones reflect light better, which translates into a higher-grade diamond. 

PETER’S ADVICe - You do not want to purchase a diamond that, when you look at it, goes to sleep. Instead, you want a diamond that sings, dances, and talks to you—a stone that is full of life, just like your partner in life!